Energy Blond Bleach Powder Dust Free White

NTC: 3434426
BRAND: Energy
  • Ideal for carrying out streaks, bleaching, decolouring and all other lifting techniques.  
  • It reduces yellow and orange effects. 
  • It reduces risk of irritation and sensitivity. 
  • It lifts up to 6 tones, and can be mixed with hydrogen Peroxide 10Vol (3%), 20Vol (6%), 30vol (9%) 40vol (12%)

Dust Free Bleach Powders are the ultimate system to achieve the best results in hair decolorizing without any risk for users. The exclusive formula optimizes the particle size of each component to prevent from dusting and making the product environmentally safe and friendly to use. You can pick up the powder, drop it, mix it without inhaling it.

Advantages of DF Formulations:

  • No Dust Release
  • No fluff or Fly away
  • No need for breath protection
  • Uniform mixture and uniform weight
  • Easy mixing


  • Intensely active powder bleach
  • Actual 6 level lifts
  • Bleach mixture does not swell during applications
  • Bleach mixture does not dry or flake. 
  • It stays completely moist for the whole processing time.
  • Fast Bleaching action
  • No Scalp irritation
  • Cost Effective